5 Credits – 2048px HD Textures


Get 5 credits to spend on 2048px textures in our catalog. This is this smallest bundle we offer, coming to $0.80 per texture.

Texture credits never expire and once spent on a particular texture, give permanent download access to 2048px HD resolution which includes rendered version as well as PBR 3d render maps. Unlike 512px counterparts, 2048px versions are saved in 100% lossless JPEG quality guaranteeing zero distortion.

1 texture credit = 1 rendered texture + relevant 3D maps: diffuse/albedo, normal, bump/displacement, metallic, alpha, specular, etc.

For example:

Please use our catalog to browse textures our entire collection.

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Once you have purchased credits, you may check your balance while browsing the catalog. Your current balance is displayed at the top of the page. Please refresh the page if you balance hasn’t updated.

To permanently acquire an HD version of the texture, click [2048 px] button. A confirmation window will pop-up.

After confirming to acquire the texture, 1 credit will be deducted from your balance and the [2048 px] button will permanently change color. Clicking the button will now download the texture as a ZIP file.

For assistance, please contact us.